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Welcome to the Puerto Rico Health Care Council

The healthcare sector is composed of four top clusters or industry groups in the healthcare industry: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Healthcare Council. A major goal of INDUNIV is to establish the short and long term strategies and actions plans for its future development. The road map will be modeled on the Communications and Informatics road map completed last year.

The cluster concept provides a means for increasing each participating industry and related sectors competitiveness though the creation of synergies conductive to increased productivity, reduced costs and meeting information, education and training challenges with a holistic approach that capitalizes on the academic components strengths and resources.

The focus of the health and quality of life off local and mainland patients, and spawn new business opportunities in the field. Some key initiatives include: the establishment of research facilities and resources that will encourage firms to conduct more clinical research in Puerto Rico; to develop a healthcare registry to further ascertain conditions that can be treated with products already being developed and manufactured in the island; to advance the development of the healthcare curricula and research facilities in institutions of higher learning; and to establish certification programs and laboratories for clinical research.

Puerto Rico: The Bio Business Accelerator Ecosystem

Puerto Rico: The Bio Business Accelerator Ecosystem

Colloquium 2011

Bio 2011